Today is the day Yall! 2/9/23

Premiere day!

Viewing party day!

Remember, (just click on the link and hit notify me) we will all be able to watch the show at the same time and live chat with each other! It’s like a real live Hollywood Premiere!! Join us at 8pm  eastern time.  The show has been excellently edited by Keith Allison and has so much talent involved including Spoken Word from him and Linda Orji, Dance from from Vision Elite Royalty Studios and Jane Johnson and Jerry Dean aka Ungraceful Jay, Comedy from the Nature Boy Will-L (Rick Flair),

Art from Tajmah Allison, Song from Spencer Sims aka Suspence, as well as a little something from your Host and Curator me, Author Dionne D. Hunter!!

Click the LINK

Today check out this great highlight reel and then get ready to enjoy the incredible internet premiere of the full video of "A Night of Artistic Renewal " Vol II Celebrating the Power of Dreams! on 2/9/2023 @ 8pm Est. by returning here! See ya soon!