I am a Dahomey Warrior!

"I am a Dahomey Warrior!" is a short story told with the aid of poetry and follows our heroine from the early days of her childhood through the heart-stopping events that mold her into the warrior she is today.

As an African American, have you hungered for information about your Ancestral home? Or hungered for stories with historical significance that show your ancestors as anything but slaves?

In your youth, or even now as a parent, have you searched for fiction that displays women and girls of African heritage as Strong, Powerful, Complex, Beautiful beings, but found only one-dimensional caricatures?

“I AM A DAHOMEY WARRIOR” follows the gripping journey of a young girl coming of age prior to the colonization of Africa. This narrative poem follows our heroine from the early days of her childhood through the heart-stopping events that mold her into the warrior she is today.

Although fictional, this story is based on a real tribe of female African Warriors. The Dahomey Warriors, through their incredible power and prowess, were often compared to the mythical Greek Amazons by European scouts. These comparisons continue to this day.

Come, step into the mind of a warrior and be led through her adventures by the use of poetry as a means of powerful storytelling.

The Huntress pulled me closer, hugging me tightly. She looked down at me with dark piercing eyes and said, “None of this is your fault.” “Today you are only a child, and you did what you were able to do, Survive!”



"A celebration of a history that needs to be told and re-told."

Don't do as I did , when you read Dionne Hunter's narrative poem. "I AM A Dahomey Warrior. I raced through it too quickly because I was so compelled to find out what happened next. Instead, slowly savor the lyrical notes Hunter strikes, as she unfolds the story of a girl whose desire to become a Dahomey warrior is driven by both tragedy and pride.

For some, Hunter's poem will be a lesson for those who do not know of the fierce beauty of the Dahomey warriors, for others it's a celebration of a history that needs to be told and re-told. Hunter takes her place with the griots of the past, as she captures the bravery of the Dahomey warriors, as well as their struggle to be equal to all, in a clear, compelling way.

"I AM A Dahomey Warrior," is spare, eloquent telling of a tale that might just inspire a new generation to not only better understand the past, but use it as an inspiration for the future.

Reviewer: Dan Polletta is a veteran broadcaster and writer, who frequently reports on arts and culture in Northeast Ohio.


"You can almost hear the protagonist’s heart beating"

You can almost hear the protagonist’s heart beating, and occasionally breaking, in this gripping journey from the crushed innocence of childhood to the battle-scarred woman now reflecting back on her life. Dionne D. Hunter writes with such passion and detail, pulling us completely into the story, almost enough to pierce our skin with those devil thorns.

Reviewer: Keith Allison, Poet and Author of What if the Shoe Were on the Other Hoof? and Screaming with My Indoor Voice


" A story to inspire"

A fictional narrative poem that takes place in a true historical setting, I Am a Dahomey Warrior highlights key survival moments of loss and triumph in the life of a strong, resourceful African heroine and the tribe she formidably defends. Much like the main character of the story, author Dionne D. Hunter strives to celebrate, honor, and preserve her African heritage by imparting stories of positive role models to future generations. A story to inspire many to overcome their own challenges and to encourage interest in learning more about African History, this story is a vital treasure to revisit and share often.

Reviewer: Jen Pezzo - Author of Imaginary Conversations (The Poet's Haven) and Lucid Brightenings (Writing Knights Press)


"She is not just telling a story, she is sharing a soul."

Ms. Hunter's voice is powerful and she wields it with wisdom, sophistication, dignity and purpose. She is a modern day history teacher, blending in the past and making it connect with current events. Her writing is sincere and honest and humble, respectfully provocative and unapologetic. She commands the reader's attention with her attention to detail, she compels you to find the truth in yourself through her story, through her experience and the experience of others. She is not just telling a story, she is sharing a soul. She is keeping the echo of a voice alive, for the preservation of the truth, hope and love.

Reviewer: Jason F Blakely, Sr.- Poet and Publisher - Poetry Is Life Publishing